Queensland University of Technology

Since the team's formation in 2003, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has provided crucial support for QUT Motorsport to continue developing competition cars for the FSAE competitions. QUT's contributions have been invaluable to the growth of the team and the amazing students involved. Not only providing industry standard facilities such as the Design and Fabrication Research Facility, but also giving us the amazing expertise and backing from QUT staff, particularly those from the Engineering Faculty, QUT Centre for Robotics, and the QUT Guild.

Principal Partners

CRAIG International Ballistics

CRAIG International Ballistics (CIB) is the leading Australian manufacturer of combat-proven armour systems. They are experts in high-quality composite ballistic panel manufacturing having expanded into developing amour for land force-protected mobility vehicles, naval frigates, military transport aircraft and helicopters. CIB provides our team with the opportunity to utilise their autoclave to manufacture our chassis. This partnership helps our team to build our knowledge base and progress in composites and chassis design.

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Altium Designer is the industry’s leading PCB design software combining schematic, layout, and everything else required in one environment (Altium 365) to allow the electrical team to design the printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are used to monitor and control the electrical systems present throughout both QEV-3D and QEV-4. Altium 365 also serves as a useful resource for documenting PCB designs and allows for revisions to be made to further improve the PCBs to be used throughout future versions of our electrical vehicle.


SolidCAM is the world's leading company for CAM solutions. With more than 37 years of experience, SolidCAM has developed some of the most powerful CAM solutions that significantly enhance the productivity of CNC machines. SolidCAM provides our team with professional training using their software and key industry skills, including post-processing training.

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Team Partners

SD Autobody

SD Autobody have played an integral role in bringing our livery concepts to life. Supporting us since 2020 as BMW Bodyshop Brisbane, they have recently rebranded to SD Autobody but still provide the same great service. Their attention to detail and high standard of customer service provided a second-to-none experience; providing amazing support to our team. SD Autobody is an accredited bodyshop that is equipped with the most sophisticated technology, including specialist alignment jigs, welding equipment and paint ovens designed to operate within strict tolerances.

SBG Systems

SBG Systems designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of state-of-the-art inertial sensors which are utilised in the most diverse and exciting markets. Their Ellipse series of navigation sensors allow for precise vehicle tracking, even during high-speed operations on track, with and without GPS assistance. For QUT Motorsport, our utilisation of their sensors on both QEV-3D and QEV-4 has been the perfect match, and their ongoing support has been incredibly valuable. Our Driverless team leverages their technologies to pinpoint the car's location on the track for autonomous navigation and precise trajectory tracking allows for optimised vehicle dynamics and control.

Eastgate Engineering

Eastgate Engineering is a repetition engineering company and component manufacturer in Lytton, Brisbane, specialising in the CNC Machining, CNC Turning and CNC Milling of components for a large range of industries. Innovative engineering solutions, the latest CNC Lathe technology, and strict quality control systems place Eastgate Engineering as a leader in component manufacturing. Being a family-owned business, their willingness to provide unparalleled services, knowledge, and support with their years of expertise has provided amazing assistance to QUT Motorsport, helping create manufacturable designs. This has transformed the team's designs into a reality for QEV-3D and QEV-4 and provided members with hands-on experiences and learning to apply to current and future designs within the team.

Connector-Tech ALS

Connector-Tech ALS (CTALS) is Australia’s leading electrical connector supplier with almost 50 years of experience providing an extensive range of both commercial and military harsh-environment electronic connectors, backshells, accessories, and custom cable harnesses. CTALS also strives to educate the team on common industry practices that are utilised within the automotive industry by answering any questions the team may have on product selection, appropriate tooling, and assembly processes for the design of the team’s electrical systems. Without the continuous support provided by CTALS, the connections between the various electrical systems present in both QEV-3D and QEV-4 would not exist.

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park Raceway is located just north of Brisbane and has hosted many national motorsport championships on its track. It holds one of Australia’s most favourite classic circuits, transforming into a real community hub surrounded by spectacular scenery. Offering flexible venue hire, we can always count on Lakeside to allow use of their facilities for our track days. Through their support, we are able to test systems across both vehicles to gain data and conduct driver training in a safe, controlled environment at their driver training centre. We are always excited to get out to Lakeside.


Mechio specializes in bringing advanced Datron manufacturing solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets through their high-speed, precision CNC milling machines. Mechio is run by one of our very own alumni and provides mentorship to our team, enabling us to learn how to set up, operate, and program their high-quality Datron CNC machines. This support offers our team valuable hands-on industry experience while also allowing them to manufacture their designs.

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INVICTA Lithium Batteries

Invicta Lithium Batteries is the leading provider of high-quality LiFePO4. They provide our team with 12V batteries to power the low-voltage systems in our electric vehicles and 24V batteries to run the computers for our autonomous vehicle. The ability to monitor the batteries over Bluetooth with the use of dedicated charging solutions maximises the track time we get to consistently test our vehicles, which is crucial to running a competitive car for competition.

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology

PWR is recognised as a world leader in high performance cooling, having branched out into various industries where cooling solutions are essential and consistently producing innovative answers to the problems placed in front of us.


RapidHarness provides the team with a full lifecycle CAD solution built for designing production-ready wire harness schematics. These schematics allow the team to plan and design the required electrical connections between the various sensors and circuitry that ensure the vehicle performs its function safely while logging data for analysis to further improve vehicle performance.

Bolt & Nut Australia

Bolt & Nut Australia provides an online warehouse of stock that includes bolts, nuts, washers, drill bits, drivers, silicones, thread locker and more. Providing industry-leading discounts on bulk orders as well as local knowledge, Bolt & Nut Australia is the obvious option to help fasten our car.

ATL Composites

ATL Composites is a leading supplier of composites materials and engineering. They have provided us with carbon fibre, core, and consumables for the manufacturing of our most advanced aerodynamics package yet. Thanks to ATL Composites, we’ve been able to manufacture our first 3D full aerodynamics package, producing over 20% more downforce than any of our previous iterations.

TaylorMade Electronics

TaylorMade Electronics specialise in low volume PCB assembly, which includes prototyping and batch services, ensuring a quick turnaround time. Our teams have worked closely whilst in production of the CMUs and VCUs for QEV-3D and QEV-4. Passing down their expertise, allowing use of their facilities, and providing us with their time and labour, we are grateful to have TaylorMade Electronics on board.

Calm Aluminium

Calm Aluminium specialises in the sourcing and supply of high-quality aluminium for structural applications. Calm Aluminium provides our team with premium aluminium sheets, which are then used to construct various components that are on our cars.

Laser Central

Laser Central is Brisbane's premier metal processing company. They have been operating for over 20 years and aren't showing any signs of slowing down. Laser Central has always been committed to giving back to their community by supporting innovation and education projects such as QUT Motorsport.


Colorcorp has a rich history spanning over four decades as the leading provider of signage solutions and visual brand management in Australia. Colorcorp supplies our team with innovative and eco-friendly promotional materials, such as signage and decals.

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Team Supporters