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What we Do

QUTMS FSAE-A 2023 -197

Our purpose

At QUT Motorsport, it is our purpose to provide opportunities for our members to actualise their potentials. This takes shape in various ways in our high-performance research project through the development of our electric and autonomous race cars for the Formula SAE-A competition. Our members apply their university studies into this real-world platform, and in return gain invaluable experience and develop skillsets that transform them into industry-desired professionals. There’s more to QUT Motorsport than just building race cars!

QUT Motorsport team members are provided with endless opportunities for personal and professional development as leaders and mentors, engaging with industry and unlocking career opportunities, and developing their skills outside the scope of their University coursework. We prepare our members as future leaders, and QUT Motorsport graduates are highly sought-after in the industry.

Our Technologies


We use SolidWorks and SolidWorks Product Data Management (PDM) to bring our engineering ideas to life through computer-aided design. 


This allows us to streamline our design and collaboration processes, ensuring seamless coordination among team members. SolidWorks PDM acts as a centralized hub for our engineering data, allowing us to manage revisions, track changes, and fosters effective collaboration throughout the entire design lifecycle.


We utilitise Ansys’ simulation software suite to validate, verify, and optimise our designs modelled in SolidWorks.


Ansys’ Mechanical module allows us to undertake rigorous static and quasi-static finite element analysis (FEA) on various mechanical components and structures. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities for simulating and analysing the behaviour of parts under different loading conditions.


Ansys’s Fluent module allows us to apply computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to validate our aerodynamics package. It is also useful in thermodynamics as we can simulate the heat transfer from our motors through our cooling systems.


Altium Designer is an industry standard tool that our team uses for all our custom PCB designs. Pairing this with Altium 365 gives us a centralised location to store all our electrical designs.

These tools allow us to rapidly develop and review our PCB designs ensuring they are suitable for our high performance motorsport applications.


ROS 2 (Robot Operating System 2) is at the heart of our autonomous system, providing our driverless race car with the integral connections between sensing, thinking, and acting.


ROS and ROS 2 are open-source development kits for robotics and we are able to build on the work that has been developed before us to enhance our autonomous navigation and simulation programs.


We are glad to support the open-source community by contributing our own open-source packages for future generations of autonomous racing.

'Telemetry' - by QUTMS

Our Software Team has developed Telemetry, a robust application for collection, visualisation, and analysis of live and historical vehicle data.


Using industry standard tools and techniques, Telemetry enables the team to easily visualise all CANbus data on the car, enabling debugging of critical car systems. Additionally, the data visualisation and analysis features enables the team to easily view acquired data from track runs.