Our Alumni

We would like to express our immense gratitude to all our alumni for their unwavering dedication and contribution to the team throughout the years.‎ Our team is built upon the invaluable knowledge of our alumni. Their expertise, gained through years of experience in Formula Student, forms the foundation upon which we strive for excellence. Their guidance and insights fuel our pursuit of innovation, propelling our team to new heights in the world of Formula Student racing. The achievements of our alumni as industry professionals serve as a powerful testament to the value of FSAE and QUT Motorsport. As they excel in their respective fields, their accomplishments become a shining example of the skills, knowledge, and work ethic cultivated through their participation in our team. Their success reinforces the importance of FSAE in preparing us for real-world challenges, showcasing the tangible impact and relevance of our experiences in the program. Their achievements inspire us to push our limits and strive for greatness, knowing that FSAE provides a solid foundation for future professional success.

Alison Powell

I can't recommend QUT Motorsport highly enough to compliment anyone's university studies. It provided an unbelievable platform to apply the theories I was learning in class, and experiment in a supportive and simulative environment. I would not be in the role I am in today, as PR and Media Coordinator for a Supercars team, without the experience I gained from Formula SAE. The team also gave me lifelong friends and memories which I often reflect on as some of the best in my life so far!

PR, Media & Marketing Coordinator, Grove Racing
2019 Website Manager, 2020 Media Coordinator, 2021 Business Manager

Ashlee Gibson

I joined QUT Motorsport at the beginning of 2020 and left after graduating in 2022. My time within the team were the best years in my degree. I developed skills that regular classes could never teach, and I was able to work and learn alongside some of the most talented, dedicated and passionate people I’ve ever met. QUT Motorsport gave me the opportunity to be involved in projects that I never thought I’d encounter with my degree, and I was able to develop confidence and practical skills which I use on a regular basis in my career as an engineer.

Graduate Engineer, Vipac - Brisbane Industrial Operations
2021 & 2022 Statics Coordinator, 2022 Business Manager

Austin Burey

The opportunities and experiences the team provided me throughout my degree were truly invaluable. From designing and analysing my own parts, working with highly skilled technicians, to stress testing parts out on the track, there just isn’t anything else like it. Being able to practice and hone my skills as an engineer on something so complex and multifaceted really allowed me to grow and become confident in my own abilities. The skills and experiences I accumulated over my time in the team is a true testament to the opportunity projects like this provide.

Mechanical Engineer, Gilmour Space
2018, 2019 & 2020 Mechanical Manager

Cham Dharmasiri

I joined QUT Motorsport in my first year because I liked Formula 1 and wanted to know more about how to build a race car. The following 4 years taught me more than I could ever hoped to learn about so much more than just this. The immense value of teamwork, collaboration and commitment to a cause became clearer than ever before, and it was an enlightening experience to learn how (and how not) to achieve these successfully. Whilst this journey of personal and professional development had its challenging moments, being surrounded by such passionate, dependable and like-minded teammates made the whole thing worthwhile. Ultimately, the Formula SAE experience is one I can’t recommend highly enough, and if I were to do it all again, I’d be signing up for QUT Motorsport.

Graduate Systems Engineer, Boeing Defence Australia
2020 New Member Coordinator, 2021 Team Principal, 2022 Secretary

Hugh Millear

QUT Motorsport set me on the path to have opportunities to work with teams such as Triple Eight and Audi Sport, and to now contribute to the technical future of Supercars through my role as the Technical Projects Manager. The level of knowledge, pragmatism and attention to detail required to succeed in FSAE was a great preparation for the challenges in top-level motorsport both here and abroad. I can personally trace so much of my vehicle understanding to QUT Motorsport, as being able to deep-dive on topics like vehicle dynamics and drivetrain development don’t always come around as often in professional motorsport when you are you g. Students who can turbocharge their knowledge base, and showcase their experience and responsibility before joining teams will be more employable and more likely to end up on the winner’s step.

Technical Projects Manager, Supercars
2012, 2013 & 2014 Electric Vehicle Concept Manager (QEV-1), 2015 Team Principal

Isaac Baldry

Being part of QUT Motorsport was by far the most rewarding experience I had while at university. The real word learning opportunities and practical experience it provided, are second to none. The ability to take on such a challenging project and the resources that were at our fingertips, is far above what is available to someone just taking the regular classes. The skills and experience I developed purely through my time at QUT Motorsport not only helped me secure my dream job. But also, are skills I use every day in my role as a data engineer, to help our cars win races and championships.

Data Engineer, Triple Eight Race Engineering
2017 Braking & Drivetrain Lead, 2018 Mechanical Manager & Project Manager, 2019 & 2020 Aerodynamics Lead, 2021 Documentation Manager

Jaden Partridge

QUT Motorsport and the wider FSAE competition is a significant opportunity for engineering students to develop their analytical, practical, and personal skills. In addition, it is a chance to engage with students with similar interests and form support networks to get you through not only the competition, but your degree.

Performance and Simulation Engineer, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
2014, 2015, 2016 Suspension and Vehicle Dynamics Lead

Luke McCallum

My time spent with QUT Motorsport is easily the number one highlight of my university journey. The ability to learn directly from academic staff, consult with industry professionals and access top tier facilities, significantly advanced my capabilites and helped pave the pathway for the start of my career. Alongside of this, I was fortunate enough to build strong relationships with my colleagues, who I now consider some of my closest friends. QUT Motorsport encompassed everything I was looking for to take my university experience to the next level!

Graduate Consultant - Asset Advisory, Advisian
2019 & 2020 Team Principal

Maddi Arnold

QUT Motorsport was the highlight of my university degree. It was a place for me to apply my passion for motor vehicles and racing, and work with likeminded people. The skills and confidence I built while in the team and through working in a real world project prepared me for Marketing and Event roles outside of university. I have been very fortunate to work at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane and participate in Girls on Track career development programs at the Australian Grand Prix thanks to my contributions at QUT Motorsport. Most of all however, it is a fun, rewarding space to gain industry experience and confidence while making lifelong friends. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Product Expert, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, LSH Auto Australia
2021 Events Coordinator

Naveen Razik

I joined QUT Motorsport in my first year at Uni. Even though I wasn't a Science and Engineering student, the club gave me a fantastic opportunity to put what I learnt at uni into practice in a unique, exciting environment. One of the highlights of my time with the team was covering track days which meant shooting and reporting live from the pit lane, interviewing team members and editing together engaging video content. There's no other club at University that will let you apply your skills in such a fun way. There's a real camaraderie among club members and the people you meet here will be friends for life.

Journalist, SBS Australia
2016, 2017 & 2018 Digital Media Manager