QUT Motorsport is a student-run motorsport team that designs engineers builds markets single seat electric and autonomous race cars for the Formula SAE-A competition.

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CALDER PARK, Melbourne Victoria

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Our History

Our fifth generation of electric vehicle, which will compete in the 2024 FSAE-A Competition

Our fourth generation of electric vehicle, which competed in the 2023 FSAE-A Competition

Our third generation of electric vehicle and first driverless car competing in Australia's autonomous competition category.

Our second generation of electric vehicle, which competed at the 2019 FSAE-A Competition.

Our first electric vehicle, designed to compete in the electric category at competition.

Our final combustion vehicle, which competed in 2013.

Our longest running vehicle, built for the 2011 FSAE-A Competition, Ozanne III still runs in 2023 for driver training and data validation.

Our second generation of the 'Ozanne' series of vehicles, which competed in every dynamic and static event at the 2010 FSAE-A Competition.

Our first generation vehicle in the 'Ozanne' series, featuring a new machined rear end and reworked engine package.

Our third generation of the 'QMX' series, QMX-III was our first car to finish top ten overall at the FSAE-A Competition.

Our second generation vehicle in the 'QMX' series, the team optimised the learnings from QMX-I and implemented them into QMX-II.

Our first vehicle, QMX-I competed in the 2004 FSAE-A Competition, finishing a respectable 17th overall.


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